In Touch - October & November  2017
Monthly Prayer at St. Mary’s
Image of praying hands
Image of praying hands
For your prayers this month:
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  • We pray for the world – praying for all people being forced from
    their homes in Miamar, for those suffering the atrocities of war and
    those suffering starvation as a result of poor harvests.

  • For the effects of hurricane Irma and the devestation in many islands.

  • We pray that terrorists may have their hearts changed and that we
    will be free of the fear of hidden bombs.

  • As we move into Autumn and Winter we pray for all who have no
    home and who sleep on our streets at night.

  • We pray for ourselves – giving thanks for our families, our homes
    and all who we love.

  • We continue to pray for the government as they continue to
    negotiate plans for our exit from the European Union – that they
    may work together for the good of the country and not for their
As we move into Autumn we thank God for
all he has given us – food, water, warm
homes and loving families.    
Loving God we thank you for the many gifts you have given
to us and we pray for the peoples of the world who are
suffering - feeling lost and alone.    Help us to do what we can
to alleviate their suffering and we ask you to give them

You may like to use the  prayers below this month
When you are unable to join us in church on a Sunday please join us in prayer throughout
the month.