In Touch - March 2017
Monthly Prayer at St. Mary’s
Image of praying hands
Image of praying hands
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  • For all suffering at the hands of terrorists.

  • For all who suffering lack of food through famine.

  • For the many people in the world who have to worship in secret and
    in fear.

  • For all who are sick at home or in hospital that they may feel the
    presence of Jesus with them.

  • Give thanks for the gift of Jesus to the world and help us to listen to
    God’s word showing us the way to go in the future.

  • For the church family here in Ecclesfield – thinking of our members
    who are sick at home or in hospital and for those who have recently
As we move through the season of Lent we
remember Jesus life on earth and all his
deeds of healing and preaching.    
As we come nearer to Good Friday help us to think of Jesus’
obedience even to his suffering and death on the cross.   On
that cross he took with him the burden of all the
wrongdoings in the world – remember to give thanks for
that. Then as we come to Easter Day remember with joy the
resurrection of Jesus and his promise that we would live with
him in eternity.

Remember that he walks in front and beside you every step
of your day.
You may like to use the  prayers below this month
When you are unable to join us in church on a Sunday please join us in prayer throughout
the month.