In the weeks after Trinity Sunday we have been working our way through the Gospel of
John in our Sunday Morning worship. We will come to an end of this series on the last
Sunday of September.

John’s Gospel was written by one of Jesus closest friends. He was there when many of the
events that he reports happened. In the Gospel he simply refers to himself as ‘The disciple
that Jesus loved.’

The Gospel is written in a very simple style that anyone can follow, but there is a depth to
John’s Gospel that has always challenged saints and scholars.

John builds his Gospel narrative on two structures: the seven miraculous signs that Jesus
performed and a series of encounters that Jesus had with a wide variety of men and women.

The purpose of the Gospel is laid out for us in chapter twenty:

Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this
book. But these are written so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the
Son of God, and that through believing you may have life in his name (John 20:30-31).

John wants his readers to meet Jesus through the words that he writes and the stories that he
tells. As we read about the signs that Jesus did, John wants us to ask with the disciples: “Who
is this man?” Who is the man who can turn water into wine and feed the crowds with
someone’s packed lunch? Who is the man who can heal with a word and who death flees
from in fear that it has met its match?

He wants us to bring our questions and our fears, our hopes and our disappointments to
Jesus and find in Him the answer to our longing for eternity.

John does not give us answers nor does he tell us what to think or believe. Rather through his
Gospel he brings us to Jesus. Every time I read through John’s Gospel I meet Jesus. I find
healing and answers; more than this I find that the Jesus I meet in John’s Gospel is present
with me.

I believe that the reason that John calls himself, “the disciple that Jesus loved’ is because he
wants us to see ourselves in his place. He wants us to know that we too are Jesus’ disciple - we
are called and chosen by Jesus; and he wants us to know that we too are loved by Jesus.

John’s Gospel is one of the most remarkable and life changing books ever written. It is an
invitation to its readers to come to know Jesus, and in finding Hi to find life in all its fulness
and eternity.

God bless you and all those you love.
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We are here to help people love and worship God.
We aim to be, and encourage others to become, committed and active disciples of Jesus,
who love God and worship him, who know the power of the Holy Spirit and who show
God’s love in every part of their lives.
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“Lord teach us to pray as John taught his disciples” (Luke 11:1).

I have a friend called Francis; he is a retired Anglican minister. He is gifted in mission and
ministry, a bit chaotic in his admin, but what most impresses me is his prayer or rather his
relationship with God.

Now there are many things that I could learn from Francis, but what I most want to learn
from his is the secret of that relationship. When he speaks to or about God it is not only very
natural, not in any way forced or ‘religious’. He speaks to God as to a close friend; and he
simply calls God, “Dad.”

I guess that there was something of this happening with the disciples when they asked Jesus
to teach them to pray. Jesus called God His “Abba”, His Dad. He spoke to god as to one who
was always present and always available. He spoke with trust in God’s love and power
whatever the circumstances.

It wasn’t just Jesus’ words that impressed the disciples it was His life; specifically it was where
God was in His life. They saw something unique and they wanted something like that for
themselves. They too wanted to live closely with God; they wanted a deep relationship with
the Father that touched every aspect of their lives every day of their lives. They wanted a
faith and trust in the Father’s loving presence that no misfortune or opposition or adversity
could ever break.

In short they wanted the relationship with the Father here and now that they were promised
was waiting for them in the eternal kingdom. They saw that it was possible because they saw
that this was how Jesus lived.

My prayer this summer, in preparation for the Prayer Course that we will be starting on
Wednesday 11th September at 7.30pm, is the prayer of the disciples: “Lord, teach me to

I want to know how to pray because I want a deeper, more real and closer relationship with
God. I want something of what I saw in Francis. I want something of what the disciples saw
in Jesus.

The course follows the shape of the Lord’s Prayer and is for everyone. If you want to know
how to pray. If you want to grow into a deeper and more trusting relationship with God, if
you want to know God as your Father, your Dad who will never forsake you, and who can
always be trusted, then this course is for you. If you have questions about what prayer really
is or if you have known the silence of heaven when you prayed desperately, then this course
is for you. If you simply want to know what to do when you are supposed to be praying,
then this course is for you.

I would encourage everyone who is able to come along to this course to do so. It could be the
best decision that you make this year!

God bless,
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  • Musical treasures from the Italian baroque come to St. Mary’s on November
    9th in the form of Duo Piccolo e Grande - See Forthcoming Events Page for
    more info

    The oldest issue available is February 2011

  • First Words, Prayer for the Month and Thought for the Month have been
    updated for September 2019 - see below

  • Bishops Letter - Update on the work of the task and finish group - Posted by
    Bishop Pete on 26th February 2019

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  • We have added a New Burial Records Page  covering over 6000 individuals
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For anyone connected to the world of education September is the start of a new year, with
children getting ready for school and college after the long summer holiday. Even for those
whose children or grandchildren are no involved in full time education September does feel
like a new start after the summer.

There are lots of weddings at St Mary’s this September. Please pray for those getting married
here and for me as I conduct the wedding services, that the couples may experience more
than just a beautiful venue but may be touched by the Holy Spirit at the beginning of their
married lives.

PCC will meet at 7.30pm on Monday 1st September. If you have any items for the
attention of the PCC please speak to one of the wardens.

Saturday 14th at 9am we will have our monthly Prayer Breakfast - all are welcome. If
you have never been to a Prayer Breakfast, or if you have not managed to get along for a
while you are warmly invited.

Prayer Course starts on Wednesday 11th September at 7.30pm. I would encourage
everyone who is able to come along to do so. Prayer is the key to the Christina life and the
mission of the Church. there are no experts in prayer, every one of us can learn more; and as
we grow in prayer so we will grow in our relationship with the God who loves us.

Saturday 14th September to Friday 20th we will be welcoming visitors for the
Heritage Open Days. On the Saturday there will be guided tours of Church at
12noon and 2pm, and the bell tower will be open for visitor. There will also be craft events for
adults and young people.

On S
unday 22nd September the Youth Fellowship will meet at 5pm for the first time
after the summer, and at 6.30pm we will have our monthly
Prayer and Praise.

Monday 23rd September we welcome our Mission Partners from High Green,
Chapeltown and Grenoside for an
S35 Partnership Meeting.

Finally, two events on
Saturday 28th September. At 4pm the Diocese will gather in
Doncaster Minster to say our formal farewell to Bishop Peter. There will be an opportunity to
contribute to a farewell gift - see the weekly notice sheet. In the evening at 7pm we will have
a concert in Church celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by the Emley

It looks like a very full month at St Mary’s!
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Help us to grow as a Church in faith, in hope and in love;
and add to our number those whom you are calling,
that as a bigger Church we may do bigger work for your glory.
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