Disabled Access a solution to a longstanding problem
A message from Tim Gill - Vicar of Ecclesfield
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Funds raised
to date
The revised plans for the Disabled Access have been given final approval.

The cost of the disabled access will be around £80,0000 of which we have so far
raised around £40,000. We hope to be able to secure a loan to cover the balance so
that the work can be done during the summer, but we will have to raise the funds to
repay the loan. Once the access is sorted, we will need to work with the local authority
to have the path made safer.

If you would like to contribute to the cost of the disabled access or the path, or if you
would like to discuss how you can help to raise funds, please contact me or one of the
There is a tendency to consider that disabled access is only for the wheelchair bound
this is far from the reality. Disabled access solutions cater not just for wheelchairs but
for anyone, young or old, with a mobility issue where steps or stairs would cause them
problems. A good disabled access also caters for families with young children in
prams or push-chairs, it reduces the risks of falls and trips.

The proposed disabled access using the West Door would allow anyone with a
disability to enter and leave the building unaided and that would be the case for all

St. Mary’s is a living - working building that needs to adapt to the needs of the disabled
if it is to retain its growing place in the community and embrace a growing number of
visitors. Widening access can only be realised when that access is for all visitors, not
just the able-bodied.
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For the more Technically minded of you there are links below to the essential diocesan (DAC) documents and plans for both the existing
west end access and the new planned west end access - these open in new windows. Please note that these documents are copyright.
Statement of Needs - Statement of Significance - Existing Access - Planned New Access

Once work is underway we hope to upload some pictures to show how the work is progressing.
This may seem a strange thing to say but, now would be a very good time to get things under way - with the current pandemic limiting our
opening to just a few hours 2-days a week work can get going without affecting the other activities that will (once things are back to
normal) take place inside the building.

So, your support in these difficult times is very much appreciated

Tim Gill - Vicar
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DAD c/o
The Vicarage
230 The Wheel
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