Picture Gallery - Restoration Work
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Mosaic following remedial work to repair the Alabaster surround, clean the Mosaic Ceramic
Tesserae and re-gild  the lettering and line detail in 23 ct English Gold Leaf.
Mosaic after cleaning, the gold
Ceramic Tesserae that remain gold
may be Gold under-glazed tiles or
Gold Smalti.
Gold Smalti:
This tile is made with real gold and silver leaf
sandwiched between two layers of glass and
fired twice in the kiln to embed in the metal.
link to Gilder
The gilder at work preparing the
mosaic for gilding with gold leaf.

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Restoration of the West Window and Mosaic
The West Window -
Showing remedial and
restorative work to the
external masonry.
The West Window &
Mosaic - As seen from
inside the Church.
The restored West
Window - Shown backlit.
Note the clarity and
colour of the glazing.
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