In Touch February - March 2021
Monthly Prayer at St. Mary’s
Image of praying hands
Image of praying hands
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  • We pray for all who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

  • Give thanks for the vaccine and the progress being made in
    inoculating the vulnerable.

  • We pray for all working on the front line in hospitals, care homes, the
    police, the ambulance service and so many others.

  • We give thanks for our homes and families and pray for all who
    have lost jobs and are struggling to provide for their families at this

  • We pray for all who are suffering mentally through the loneliness of
    this pandemic.

  • We pray for all making decisions on how to move forward in these
    difficult times.
As we move towards spring we pray that
brighter days will give us hope.
Loving God we thank you for the many gifts you have given
to us and we pray for the peoples of the world who are
suffering - feeling lost and alone.   

We look with hope to the future when this pandemic will be
brought under control and that many who are struggling at
this time may see a new way forward.  

Show us how we can help those suffering loneliness or who
are unable to feed their families.    
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the month.