The Mothers’ Union is a Christian organisation which was founded by Mary Sumner in
1887 and has now grown to 3.6 million members in 78 countries. The latest country to join
was incredibly Iran which has now enrolled more than 40 members.

Our branch at St. Mary’s - Ecclesfield has been in existence for over 70 years and one of
our current member’s mother-in-law was the original secretary. We therefore have a fine
history of continuation and tradition.

Contrary to popular belief we do more than bake cakes and make tea! Although St. Mary’
s does have a reputation for excellent cakes, and we are always willing to cater for events.

Our aims are to demonstrate the Christian faith in action and to promote family life.

Our life together as members revolves around practical help and prayer.

  • We pray for all babies and children Baptised at St. Mary’s.
  • Hold Afternoon Teas for those who spend their lives caring for others.
  • Provide books to help children; to help them, and their families, who are starting
    school from the local nursery schools.
  • Help needy families by providing holidays in cooperation with other groups in the
  • Provide toiletries for women in a Homeless Women’s Hostel.

Money is forwarded to the National organisation for a Relief Fund and Overseas Aid
wherever it is needed.

Of the many practicalities we participate in knitting appears to be the most popular and
we have many friends to help us knit clothing and blankets. Small knitted garments are
made up and sent to The Jessop Wing – the local Maternity Hospital for premature babies.
Simple jumpers and blankets are knitted, made up and sent to Africa, this year we have
produced 120 jumpers and 25 blankets.

We meet each month on the first Wednesday afternoon at 1.45 pm and on the Thursday
evening at 8.00 pm in The Gatty Hall on Priory Rd. We are a friendly group and at each
meeting we always have an interesting speaker. We are not a group of ‘old women’ we
also have some male members, and we invite young mums to join us as we love to hear the
cries of young children.

For more information contact Maureen Lambert at St. Mary’s Church - Ecclesfield.

We would all love to meet you.
Mothers' Union
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Branch Leader:
Mrs. Maureen Lambert
Telephone: 0114 246 9690
Mrs Janet Rodber
Telephone: 0114 246 6030
Mrs. Stephanie
Hartshorne  Telephone:
0114 284 5381
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