St. Mary’s Corona virus Pastoral Care Plan

Lay Pastors, please suspend home visits but still keep in touch with
those you visit by phone

Please take responsibility for each other: if you are a lay pastor please phone
those on your list regularly (at least once a week), especially those who live alone.
If you have any concerns, please let
Tim on 0114 257 0002 or Pat Wood on 0114 246 5086 know

All members of the Church: we do not need permission
or authorisation to care for each other.
Use the phone and keep in touch with those who are self-isolating

We are not medical practitioners; if someone asks for more than you know
or more than you can help with, point them to:
NHS phoneline 111 or online to
It is in everyone’s interests to set good boundaries all round

If you are unwell or isolated or just in need of prayer,
contact Tim on 0114 2570002

Details about what is happening with Church will be on Facebook
in the magazine and here on the Church website

Food Banks
We are now able to accept donations in kind - you can also help to support the
local foodbank by donating money at this link  
S6 Foodbank   or by visiting their
main website at the link below for other giving options

Do not hesitate to contact Tim with any concerns if he can help in any way at all:
Tele: 0114 257 0002 - Email: