I recently showed a class of primary school children around Church. We looked at the beautiful windows, we looked at the ceiling
in the Aisles, I showed them the shaft of the Standing Cross, and we talked about being part of the life of the community with
Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

Then, before they left I said that the most important thing about St Mary’s Church and every Church isn’t the building or the
history, it isn’t the services or the times of community celebration. “The most important thing about the Church,” I said, “is Jesus.”

This Church was built to help people know Jesus and to know Him better. “Everything that we do,” I said, “focuses on Jesus.”
Without Jesus there is no Church and no Christian Faith.

In December, on Advent Sunday at the end of the Advent Carol Service, we will launch a Posada. We will send figures of Mary,
Joseph and the donkey around the Parish, people will be able to sign up to host them for a night during Advent.

I find that December is so busy preparing for Christmas services and for family celebrations, that it is easy to forget that it is all
about Jesus. Our prayer at Christmas is that Christ who was born in the stable of Bethlehem will be born in our hearts; and the
Posada is a way of doing this.

The box containing the Posada figures will be passed from home to home, from family to family during December. When we
welcome them into our home there are prayers and Bible readings to focus our thoughts on Jesus, God-with-us. Some people invite
friends and family around to welcome them; for others it is just a personal reminder that Christmas is all about God’s love for us
taking flesh and coming to us.

The last home visited, on the 23rd December will be the Vicarage, and we will bring the figures to Church at 4pm for the Crib
Service. The holy family will have made their journey around St Mary’s parish.

The figures that we will be sending out on their pilgrimage to Christmas are from the set which our dear friend and faithful sister in
Christ Margaret Roberts knitted!

God bless you,
Thought for the Month