Church Office Opening Hours
Tuesday 9.00am to 1.00pm
Thursday 9.00am to 12.00pm
Telephone 0114 245 0106

Please can you have any work to be done in the office at least two days before required.

Email the Office                     

Baptism Enquiries
Should be made to Pat Clarke   0114 257 7191

Wedding Enquiries
During Church Office Hours should be made to:
Jean Fowler   0114 245 0106
The Weekly Notices Page
We welcome all who are baptised to share in the bread and the wine.
Funeral in Church
Baptism Preparation

to 12.00pm Coffee Shop in Church  
to 4.00pm Garden Tidy
Bell Ringing Practice

Funeral in Church

Holy Communion
Ladies Group
Music Group Practice

to 12.00pm Coffee Shop in Church  
to 4.00pm Garden Tidy
Silent Bell Ringing Practice           

Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
Eucharist Service
Evening Service





Monday 27th

Tuesday 28th

Wednesday 29th

Thursday 30th

Friday 31st

Sunday 2nd February
Gift Aid Envelopes
If you are a tax payer you can increase your gift to the church by 28p in the pound by putting
your collection in the white gift aid envelopes. Please do this whenever possible, not
forgetting to fill in your name, address and to sign it. The details you provide are completely
confidential and will not be used for any other contact

Parish Magazine
Items for the Parish Magazine can now be sent to the editor by E-mail.

Email the Parish Magazine                 

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General Notices
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Timings for this week's events and next Sunday's services.
For an up to date listing check the Online Diary
Holy Communion - Thursdays at 9.30 am
Services during the week
General Information
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Holy Communion
Our practise is for you to receive the consecrated wafer into your hand.
If you do not wish to drink from the common cup then please take the wafer only
Food Banks
Box at the back of church for your contributions
Electoral Roll
If you come to Church here in Ecclesfield and you’re not on the Church Electoral
Roll we would encourage you to put your name forward. Forms and further details are
available from the Church wardens.  Please give your completed forms to Pat Hawley (or a
church warden if Pat is not available)
New feature - Bible readings are now provided as links to the BibleGateway  
click on readings to read online. Version - NRSVA
Your giving to the work of the church
There is more than one way of giving
1. Bankers Order
2. Gift Aid envelopes if you are a  tax payer
3. Stewardship Envelopes
4. On the collection plate

For further information see: -
Audrey Sidebottom – Treasurer or Ian Hartshorne – Giving Director
Tim is at Grenoside
Sunday 26th Jan 10am Tim is at Grenoside this Sunday morning.

Church Cleaning
Thanks to all who contributed to the cost of cleaning the Church. Last year you contributed
£700. This amount covered half the annual cost of the cleaner. Most people that give
towards the cleaner give about £20. Thank you. The finance team.

Coffee Shop
Help is urgently needed. We are looking for a team of about 8 people to serve in the Coffee
shop, once a month each. We need 3 servers for Friday mornings and 2 for Tuesdays each
Coffee shop is an important part of our Church, both for raising much needed funds
and to serve our community.

If you can help please contact Ann Hackett on 246 7159

Church Finances
It looks as though we will have a deficit in 2020 of around £3000.
We are not planning a stewardship campaign in 2020 as we will be putting our time and
energy into raising funds for Disabled Access and to try and get the Church path sorted.
When I realised that we were facing a loss this year I also realised that I haven't increased
my monthly giving by inflation for the past 3 years. I also realised that if everyone at St
Mary's who can afford to do so made a small monthly increase in their giving of around £1
per week we would be able to make up most of the shortfall. I am aware that St Mary's is a
very generous Church so I ask you to pray about this and respond however God prompts
you. Many thanks, God bless, Tim

The Children’s Society Report 2020
The Children’s Society had a good year in 2019, the total from the boxes and donations
including the Coffee Morning amounted to £1664.34p. We wish to Thank everyone who
gave their time and money to help the society during the year. In December we had our
Christingle Celebrations and handed out 120 Christingle Oranges to a packed Church,
making a total of £385.00p from the children’s money candles. This is to help Children and
Young people in need throughout the country. Love Pat. x
For people who give by bankers order
There are now slips in a basket near the hymn books. If you give by bankers Order please
take one and put it on the collection plate during the service. It was felt that giving by Bank
Orders should be recognised and blessed along with other gifts on the collection plate
Wednesday 5th February, l.00pm in the Gatty Hall
Speaker Dr. Rachel Silverwood'

Tuesday 11th February
EMU meets at 7 '30 pm at 21 Minster Road

Mothers' Union Subscription 2020
Subscriptions are now due and need to be paid As Soon As Possible, Please £21.00

Friday 7th February Cathedral Coffee Morning
Standing Notices
Mothers’ Union Notices
Prayer of Preparation
As you prepare for worship you might like to reflect on these words.
Almighty Father,
whose Son our Saviour Jesus Christ is the light of the world:
may your people,
illumined by your word and sacraments,
shine with the radiance of his glory,
that he may be known, worshipped, and obeyed
to the ends of the earth;
for he is alive and reigns, now and for ever.
26th January – Third Sunday of Epiphany
10.00am Eucharist Service
Jeni Fryer
Stephanie Dale
Jeni Fryer
1 Corinthians 1: 10-18           Matthew 4: 12-23
93, 575, 244, 740, (Children’s Hymn: 477)
6.30pm Prayer and Praise
Pat Clarke
Tim Gill
1 Peter 1: 3-12
5.00pm Youth Fellowship
Tim Gill