Joining a Zoom Meeting from a Telephone


A list of telephone numbers for the Zoom service. You can use *any* of them successfully – it doesn’t matter which.  If one is too busy, try another.


A Meeting ID: (e.g. 141 963 457) – a nine-digit number, printed in groups of three for legibility which tells the Zoom system which of the many meetings you want to join.


A Meeting Passcode (e.g. 189007) – a number used to provide additional security against uninvited people joining the meeting.  This is not always required for telephone entry.


So, once you have these, you can make the call


Dial one of the telephone numbers


The system will answer and ask you to enter the meeting ID, followed by the # key.  Do this.


The system will ask you for a participant ID, followed by hash (the # key).  You don’t need to provide this – it is used for people who have already joined by computer, and now wish to use the phone at the same time.


You will now be in the meeting.  When you have finished, hang up to leave the meeting.